Good News! New Road To Give Better Access to Haiti Village Health!

For those of you who have made the rough journey to Bod Me Limbe, and those of you who may have had the unfortunate experience of getting stuck in the mangrove water at the entrance to the village, we have good news!

The Delegate of Bas Limbe informed us that there was money to repair the road into the village. 24 hours later, diggers and rollers got to work on phase one. Haiti Village Health is in talks with the Delegate and the UN to see if we can boost the funding and ensure a good quality road is made.

Evans and Francesca's first fundraiser raises over $10,000 for child and maternal health!

On Friday July 20th Evans and Francesca hosted their first fundraiser for Haiti Child and Maternal Health. Close to 120 people gathered at the Mosquito Creek Bar and Grill in North Vancouver, B.C. for a great night which included a silent auction, a toonie toss, 50/50 ticket sales and a short presentation by Mandy Hengeveld and Christina Mavinic from E&F.

It was a huge success; raising close to $10,000 for Haiti Village Health's three projects:

Safe Birthing Kits being put to good use at Haiti Village Health!

A big thanks to Wendy Rosen who donated 34 safe birthing kits, and to Pam and Will Bodnar for transporting them to Haiti!

Clinic Refurbishment Begins – Thank you to Positive Legacy

We are delighted to say that work has started on building the new roof for our current clinic. The masons spent today dismantling the damaged and rusty old roof and tomorrow will start the construction of a quality upgrade. Meanwhile, clinic work continues, working out of the nearby school while the children are on vacation.

"My first week at Haiti Village Health" by our new Country Director, Hannah Steadman

My name is Hannah Steadman and as of this week, I have been appointed Country Director for Haiti Village Health.  I have spent this week with our Director, Tiffany Keenan, in Bord Mer Limbe, and am excited about taking on the ground management of the many projects we have here.

Haiti Village Health welcomes a new Country Director


steadman keenan1


Haiti Village Health welcomes a new Country Director, Hannah Steadman, seen above (left) with Tiffany Keenan, our founder and Director (right).  

More news on Hannah's appointment will follow shortly.

Helping Babies Breathe at Haiti Village Health

Our day started with a song. Ten matrones, many quite elderly, had traveled a distance to join us at Haiti Village Health for a training seminar called Helping Babies Breathe. The song they sang was joyous, a chorus celebrating life, for these women have collectively delivered life to generations of villagers in the Bas Limbe region. After the traditional song was sung, one by the one, the matrones stood up and recited their stories in Creole.

Builders Without Borders to the rescue…

January isn’t over yet, but still lots more happening in BML. After seeing off MSPP, we then welcomed Andy Ripp with MSAADA Architects to the village, to assess our clinic rebuild plans on behalf of Builders Without Boarders. With a tight budget and big plans, we began getting a little nervous that we were out of our league in terms of negotiating a contract with a local contractor.