Fall Newsletter

Prenatal Care in Haiti - Reflections on Contrast

By Dr. Jill Allison


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Prenatal care in Haiti: Reflections on contrast

Prenatal care in Haiti: Reflections on contrast

By Jill Allison - Featured in MUNMED News (Spring 2014)


Clinic Opening!

Some images from our Clinic opening...

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HVH Fundraiser Dinner

Nov Fundraiser1

The dinner was held at the  Mindemoya Missonary Church.  It was spearheaded by a group of Doctors and Nurses who will be traveling to Haiti in January as part of a medical team...


Memorial University October Trip

Oct13 1

Here are some pictures of our recent Memorial University Trip.


dojo ladies fundraising

A new Haiti Village Health fundraising initiative has been launched by the DOJO ladies of Bermuda.  These lovely ladies will be working out, having fun and raising funds for HVH at the same time, with a percentage of their workout fees going directly towards our programs for women and children.  A huge thank you to them for all their efforts and for providing us with more creative fundraising ideas!  Go Bermuda!

Latest pediatric outreach sees over 400 patients

Last week saw a busy time as our first paediatric outreach clinic in over 5 months was held across the Bas Limbe region. Haitian doctors Dr Brinvert, Dr Billy Ysac and Dr Bruno were joined by father and son team Dr Dick Barter and Stefan Barter from St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada, (whilst Dr Laurie Showler continued work at Sante Pou Yo clinic).

Over the course of the week over 400 patients were treated and all patients also received a month's supply of multivitamins and a bar of soap. pediatric outreach

Village finally gets toilets!

new latrines bouchi3A lot has been happening in the world of WASH (Water and Sanitation and Hygiene) in the last month.  One of the projects we are pleased to announce is the completion of a latrine built in Bouchi, a small neighbouring village to Bod Me Limbe.  Having previously no toileting facilities and very poor access to portable water, the community of Bouchi decided a communal latrine was of highest priority.  One villager said today "it is very important to us to have a place to go to the toilet.  It will make the village cleaner so less people will get sick."